Friday, September 21, 2012

History of herbal tea

Herbal tea has a long history, AD 306, the Eastern Jin Dynasty Taoist medicine to Lingnan Ge Hongnan home, because of the malaria epidemic, he was able to carefully study a variety of febrile disease Lingnan medicine. Ge Hong left behind by generations of medical monographs and summary of Lingnan temperature were physicians working people in the process of long-term disease control experience, forming a strong herbal tea Lingnan culture, its formula, the term generation to generation. Story about the history of herbal tea, folklore in the South and overseas widespread, enduring.

For centuries, everywhere in Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macao, herbal tea, forming a unique landscape of Lingnan culture. The unique culture of herbal tea to make it deep and lasting expansion of power, which is the world's beverage can match any advantage.

Initially the electronic cigarette is required to be foreign, because there are many foreign laws and regulations prohibit smoking in public places, and the foreign person's standard of living is relatively high, the rich and more demanding on the quality of life. So, originally designed to export the. At that time there are some brands in the country, but the price is very expensive. Almost no domestic sales are exports. So many people do not know. But with the advent of the financial crisis, many export products to domestic sales, and prices are slowly falling down.

Then, the e-cigarette manufacturer market came into being, in fact, very simple, there are profits, there is competition there, unless you are monopolies. The electronic cigarette at home this time to transfer to Shenzhen, Shenzhen itself has a large industrial electronics industry and foreign trade advantages, and a complete industrial chain, the main function for electronic cigarette exports. At this point, the domestic electronic cigarette that so few people know, because it does not develop products for the domestic market.

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