Monday, September 24, 2012

The scope of the thermometer

Temperature a few of our daily lives in real-time production and exposure to physical quantities, but it is invisible, can only feel alone feel about the temperature, although the traditional pointer can indicate the temperature of the thermometer, but the accuracy is low, use is not convenient enough, a little too intuitive, the emergence of Digital Thermometer so that people can intuitively understand they want to know is how many degrees the temperature in the end.

Digital thermometer hygrometer using temperature-sensitive element which is the temperature sensor (such as platinum resistance, thermocouple, semiconductor, thermal resistance, etc.), the temperature change into electrical signals, such as voltage and current changes in temperature and electrical signals changes in a certain relationship, such as a linear relationship, the relationship between a certain curve.

You can use this signal analog-digital conversion circuit AD converter circuit that converts the analog signal to digital signal, digital signal and then sent to processing units, such as microcontroller or PC, the software processing unit through the internal digital signal and calculate the temperature of this contact up, as the Clinical Thermometer values an be displayed, such as 25.0 degrees Celsius, then the display unit, such as LED, LCD or computer screen display gives such observation. This completes the basic digital thermometer temperature measurement function.

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