Monday, September 17, 2012

The introduction of digital thermometer and instrument parameters

With the monitoring system in the civilian commercial growing popularity of surveillance cameras (security cameras) are widely used in various fields, for the social security escort. Video wireless energy monitors are widely used in residential, real estate villas, shops and, financial room, in order to maintain law and order.Video surveillance cameras. Product has a clear image, vivid colors, lines high and low illumination.

Continued Suction Cupping chip assembly using imported high precision, high stability, error 0.5%, within the power supply, micro-power, stainless steel, protective strong, beautiful and delicate.Imported high-precision digital thermometer, temperature drift, low-power integrated circuits and wide temperature LCD display, built-in high-energy battery 5 years of continuous work without laying power cables, is a high precision, good stability for the new site highly temperature display instrument. Pointer to the traditional on-site bimetallic thermometer the ideal alternative, widely used in various industrial and mining enterprises, universities, research institutes.investment in technology research and development, surveillance cameras will be CCD as its image sensor technology and growing portfolio of solutions, and promote innovation in the market process.

Clinical Digital Thermometer (digital thermometer) can accurately determine and measure the temperature, the figures show, rather than pointer or mercury show. So called digital thermometer or digital thermometer.Type digital thermometer is a thermometer of one of them. Depending on the temperature of different substances and different temperature ranges, there are kerosene thermometer, alcohol thermometer, mercury thermometer, gas thermometer, resistance thermometer, thermocouple thermometer, radiation thermometer, and optical measurement thermometer, bimetal thermometer.

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